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Wing Chun

Sydney Academy of Traditional Wing Chun and Meridian Therapy

Learn Authentic Kung Fu
Looking for a martial art
that is gentle yet powerful?
Not only helps winning in conflict
but also healing and well being?
Not a mere sport
but a complete philosophy?
Deeply rooted in the past
but very relevant in Today's World?


Wing Chun is:

  • Known to many as the Most Effective Martial Art on Earth
  • The Only Martial Art Developed by a Woman
  • Usable for Men, Women and Children
  • Does not rely on raw strength, speed or power
  • Originated from the southern Shaolin Temple
  • Preserved for generations with a clear lineage

Practice Wing Chun and


  • health
  • fitness
  • balance
  • focus
  • coordination
  • flexibility
  • awareness
  • self reliance
  • self esteem


  • calmness
  • inner peace
  • happiness


Si-fu Tansel is only giving private lessons at the moment and has a very limited number of openings available.

Contact Si-Fu Tansel for details